Death Knight

Acrylic on cardboard / 33 x 48 cm / 2018 / Avaible


The Knight of death
The last of the four Knight of the Apocalypse is the end of everything. In this design I wanted to include just that, everything around death dies, there is no room for pity nor for remorse. Everything ceases to have any meaning, every thing has more space. In our society, for some, death seems to be the way to escape from the daily suffering. They tell us that the global wealth grows but didn't tell us that this wealth is increasingly reserved for the few. For them life has meaning for everyone else is only slavery and suffering with a pathetic costume. The only levels is that sooner or later the death comes to us all. The horseman of the apocalypse is the end of everything, of all things, not the end of the individual, it is surrounded by every dead thing.
Acrylic on cardboard.