For me to make art is like being lost in a forest or in a wilderness, here is perhaps better to say in a desert.
In a desert, because sometimes follow their inspirations is difficult as getting on a dune, sometimes it is easier, how to get down, sometimes you see a mirage and you think you can reach the vision. You pursue that road, but you don’t get anything. Sometimes you stop to look at pebbles, thinking they can hide the source of the perfect art, but in reality they are just pebbles.
Today I wanted to reflect on the way I do art. I always look around, what they do or have done others in the past. I like to observe them, especially I try to understand how the transformation of concepts into ideas, of course it is not simple and very often I can not.
I change often because then I get bored. Always doing the same things is absolutely depressing as well as not being able to find, all in all, a language that I enjoy.
Retracing the last two years, compared to what I have produced, I can certainly say that I went in the direction of simplification. Although I am always fascinated by the work of Kirchner, which with color and lines, sometimes very crude, manages to tell some incredible stories; On the other hand I also like very much the simplicity of Mondrian.
Not obviously the Mondrian of the last period, in which the geometrical abstraction had arrived, but rather it is the process to arrive at that geometrical abstraction that always fascinates me. The Mondrian trees, the decompositions with which through curved lines realizes the perception, without actually ever representing it.