The other day I was explaining, during a lesson, the importance of ideas compared to other things, especially in the world outside the school. As the ideas are much more palatable, from the companies, than the knowledge alone. To do this I presented some works of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Surely the first is more akin to my ideas, or rather the idea of art that I had as a boy: a clean and thick line that borders on flat surfaces, with vivid primary colors.
Now I would like to start a return to this type of experimentation, recently I went from images where the color was predominant in relation to the line.
There was no real contour line, the images were generated by color planes, to a slow breakdown of these planes through the insertion of darker lines.
These lines have become increasingly inconsistent with the design itself, but useful in inserting a background texture, and then passing, in the last period, to the breakdown in lines, with limited directions, nervous, which fragment the design, dematerializeing the surfaces, sometimes colored with primary colors, sometimes left blank.