About the Artist


The History

I consider myself a contemporary artist because I look to the past but with the aim of reworking it for the future. I love Lichtenstein’s pop art, Kirchner’s expressionism and Mondrian’s geometric abstractionism. The search for an instinctive language is, by definition, difficult if not impossible: what is instinct is not reason and therefore can not be research but only discovery. Discovered through all the baggage of emotion and surprise that derives from it, only the observer can be kidnapped and captured. It is no longer enough for me to state that “the sign succeeds where the word fails”, or rather this is true only to the extent that the gesture and the transposition of instinct and research are linked to perfection in technique alone. Given this, my exploration of the instinctive can only be at the dawn, omnidirectional and at the same time unique and unique. Each sign is a passage, unrepeatable and surpassed at the very moment when another is superimposed on it.


Born in the province of Milan in 1968.
Graduated from the Hajech State Art High School in 1986, he later attended the Milan Polytechnic where he graduated in Architecture in 1994.
Immediately freelancer, specialized in freehand architectural drawing, watercolor and Pantone and later in new graphic techniques related to virtual reality.
From 2006 to 2017 he worked as an architect supporting the teaching. Since 2018 she has been teaching role with a chair of Technology.
I have always signed my achievements under the pseudonym DREPAR.
I currently live and work in Finale Ligure.