Commissioned Art

Get the Painting of Your Dreams

I have customers who ask me if I do commission paintings. I enjoy doing custom paintings.

This is exactly what I do for clients all over the world. Commissioning a painting is when you can’t find that certain image of a certain size to fill the particular space in your home that you want to bring to Life.  This is when you would reach out to an artist whose style you enjoy and envision bringing beauty into your home.

I work with you to create the painting you need for your home.

I have outlined below the basic process of commissioning a painting. Contact me directly about commissions.

How it works

1. You contact me about the place to be painted and supply me the photos of your room or location. We discuss what you want in terms of phylosophy, color and overall feeling of the completed painting

2. I do a small graphite sketch and a color sketch of the painting.

3. I paint a small rendition of the final painting.

4. Then the final painting is created.

5. After the final review, needed alterations are done and Voila! You have your very own custom painting

Contact me today and create the painting of your dreams!