Man and the inscription on the wall: a love that is millions of years old. In fact already from Altamira or from Lascaux This love was strongly strong. Today I looked at the walls of a house and I became aware that it never ended. The art historians remind us only works worthy of note, timeless masterpieces, Lascaux precisely, the frescoes of Pompeii, the Sistine Chapel and newer artists such as Diego Rivera, Keith Haring or Bansky all madly in love with the wall. Solid support for their ideas. A well thought this love is not reserved for a few but indeed is within everyone’s reach. Certainly with results not always artistic or with maximums that the English define “impolite “, but always present, from prehistory to today. This form of expression, besides being, in some cases art, has also with liberating function; Perhaps in our society of Functional Ebeti (in which we speak from adjoining rooms via WHATSAPP) The graffiti, term stolen from the rock art, is the solidified cry of a single heart. Some, like Haring, have shouted their sickness and fear of death, others are imparting threats, insults, anatomical parts or phrases of love in the hope that the wall will solidifies the ephemeral essence. Panta Rei, except graffiti on the walls. Good Day world!